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STEM Education Programs

Through a holistic approach to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) we aim to develop the skills required for the future, both for Students and Educators.

XSTEM is a pioneer organization in Argentina but reaching all Latin America focused on STEM education. We provide STEM professional development and advisory, and we create STEM In and Out School time opportunities and programs (workshops, Afterschools and Summer Programs) for Elementary, Middle and High School Students.

Our Vision:
Reduce the economic, social and gender gap, through the early promotion of skills and competencies that are required for their future, from a STEM approach.

Our Mission:
That every children be critical citizens, capable of making responsible decisions for themselves and their environment, and able to build skills of empowerment and agency to take action for a fairer, more inclusive and sustainable world.

From XSTEM we consider that STEM education is a path for economic and gender inclusion and the building of a responsible global citizenship through the development of 21st. century skills, for a VUCA* context such as the one we are currently experiencing.




We help educational and non-educational organizations to innovate, toward active ways of learning and teaching which include new technology and proven approaches based on evidence. Inquiry based, Project based, Problem based, Service based learning are some of the approaches that integrate with other effective ways of guiding the education process, and can help youth reach their learning & skills development goals.











From an interdisciplinary approach of STEM Education, we foster to develop the Youth’s 21st-Century skills and prepare Education and Organizations to work within the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)  framework.


Setting my identity, learning to recognize and self regulate my emotions, be able to empathize and build positive relationships with others, make responsible decisions for my society. These, among others, are basic skills and competences to empower the next generations to find or create fulfilling work, make a meaningful contribution to our society, while fostering an equal, inclusive and sustainable world. For this, we work with positive role models, safe learning environments, and help educators to include skills training in our STEM planning and strategies.


We help educational and non-educational organizations to include a high quality STEM strategy that fits their needs.


We select and design high quality content, focused on achieving learning standards, like the Next Generation Science Standards, which fulfills STEM Education needs.


Through training,  workshops, and advisory on the implementation of high quality content and curricula,  we foster the improvement of STEM education in Latin America. For that, we work with an international network of STEM Specialists and curricula developers.


We design educational programs that work based on evidence. Advising on the implementation, training Staff and assessing results , are our main areas of expertise.


We offer quality, impact and result assessment, in order to monitor the implementation and report program outcomes.


Collaborating with

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Today’s world demands citizens who are literate in science, technology and engineering, as well as math and language.

It requires not only managing knowledge, but skills such as critical thinking, which empowers us to push the necessary changes so that we can live in this world with quality for much longer.

Also to make this planet and our communities a fairer, participatory and inclusive space, which allows us to discover our passions and project ourselves towards a future where we can flourish.

From XSTEM we support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) from the UN, to reach a better future for all. They take the global challenges that we all face, and call every country to take action, and to promote a balance between prosperity and care for the planet.